Pillsbury Doughboy Adult Inflatable Costume

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Irresistably DoughyWhat an incredible bakery! The shelves and counters are piled high with a mouthwatering assortment of baked goods. Biscuits, cookies and cinnamon rolls galore entice the shoppers lined up outside, who are practically drooling over the delicious smells wafting from the building. Once the doors open, it’s a madhouse as people jostle to pick their favorite treats and say hello to that wonderful founding celebrity, the Pillsbury Doughboy. His twinkling eyes and dinner-roll cheeks are such a cheerful sight – until the piles of goodies begin to disappear thanks to the shoppers’ enthusiasm. Suddenly the crowd’s mood turns as the still-hungry visitors begin to eye the Doughboy himself. After all, something so doughy and delicious-looking must be tasty too…right? There’s nowhere to hide. The Doughboy is about to become dinner! Product DetailsDress as the most scrumptious mascot in the world in this officially licensed Adult Pillsbury Doughboy Inflatable Costume! The 100 percent polyester jumpsuit has a built-in battery-powered fan that inflates the suit to mimic the Doughboy’s iconic rolls. The face’s happy expression has a clear viewing port in the smile. A chef’s hat with a Pillsbury graphic completes the famous look! Better practice giggling because you’re going to poked a lot. The bakery is a mess. Tables have been overturned. The floor sports skid marks. The door has been torn nearly off its hinges – but the Pillsbury Doughboy has escaped to bake another day! Next time he’ll make way more chocolate chip cookies. Hangry customers are dangerous!

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