Pink Vampire Girls Costume

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Dark Diva Not all paranormal legends are gray and gloomy. This lil monster knows how to make a peppy impression! Sure, she may sleep in a coffin, keep pet bats, and suck human blood, but that’s no reason to be serious and somber all the time, amiright? Someone has to put the trick in treat. Humans sometimes think that they’re the only ones who dress to impress, but that’s simply not true. Vampires have special occasions for which they pull out all the stops. Halloween is one such occasion! That’s their favorite holiday, after all. Young(ish) and old all dust off their best lacy collars and shine their antique shoes for a night of scaring the public and sharing some fun. And some choose to light up the night with the best color of all: Pink!Product DetailsYour favorite little ghoul will howl with excitement when she wears this exclusive Pink Vampire Costume! The dress is a delighful mix of old fashion made new, with a pink and black brocade-detail waistcoat attached to a shimmery pink skirt. A frothy white collar with an accent bowtie is the last word in sophistication. The sheer black sleeves are printed with whimsical flying bats. And speaking of bats, this vampire princess has an amazingly floaty black bat cape that flutters behind her with every movement. She’ll be the sweetest sight at the Monster Mash ball! On Fright-days, We Wear Pink! Dracula would turn green with envy that this stylish pink dress doesn’t come in his size. She might only come out at night, but the only thing wicked about this lady is her sense of style!

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