Pink Vampire Toddler Costume

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VamprincessFor 364 days a year, your toddler twirls around the house. Their stuffed animals sit perched among pillows awaiting your kiddo’s sweet singing. As if they’re kings and queens instead of empty thrones, your child curtsies to the furniture. And whether they saw you just a moment before, your child princess-waves to every human they pass. There’s simply no other explanation than your sweetie is a fairytale princess come to life.But then there’s that 365th day that turns all their darling behaviors upside down. Their twirls become quick flights up and down hallways-in and out of unlit rooms. Their stuffed animals lay scattered throughout the house, glassy eyes staring blankly ahead as if their plush life had been sapped. The furniture is dethroned and used as a crude stool for nothing more than reaching sugary snacks from the dark, cluttered backs of cabinets. And any greeting from someone not baring treats is hissed at through gritted teeth.Design & DetailsQuell your little one’s fierce cravings with this Pink Vampire Costume for Toddlers that’s as sweet as the candy they hunt. Your toddler’s transformation is made quick and easy with this exclusive 3-piece costume. Starting with a chiffon and satin dress, our team of in-house designers set the tone for this chic children’s look. Keeping in mind the benefit of a fuss-free ensemble, the detailed look is created with print, embroidered, and attached pieces in place of traditional layers. However, knowing the calming benefit of a perfectly whirly-twirly outfit, a detachable cape is included. Worn with the dress, your vamprincess will be ready to spin right back around into their sweet self and fly happily through the neighborhood to collect their tricks and treats!Candy CravingsWhen Halloween rolls around, the need for sugary sustenance can be overpowering, turning your little princess into a fanged sweet tooth. Get them looking more delightful than the candy they desire but as fierce as their craving with this Made By Us Pink Vampire Costume for Toddlers. With its bright pink and black dress and bat wing-like cape, they’ll be ready to become a classically sweet Halloween monster!

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