PJ Masks Gekko Classic Costume for Adults

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Hide and SeekWhen the heroes of Pj Masks want to spend some of their limited free time, they have a lot of games that they like to play. Storytime is a big hit with them, as they each take turns adding details to a story and end up building something together. Another one is a brief, but hectic, pillow fight. That’s a pretty good way to burn some energy before bed.The only game they wont play, though, is hide and seek. For some reason, Gekko always seems to win that game, so now no one will play with him anymore. How is he so good at it?!Product DetailsMaking sure you are dressed right for any occasion is very important, which is why we recommend setting yourself up right with this PJ Masks Adult Gekko Classic Costume. The included jumpsuit and mask are all that you need to instill fear into all those who would make bedtime something to be avoided! The cool lizard-green of the jumpsuit along with the padded tail and molded mask make you look just like Gekko from the hit tv show “Pj Masks”. If you want to protect the forces of peaceful bedtime from all the evil plots of Romeo and Luna Girl, then you are in the right place indeed! This costume is both comfortable and flattering, so you could even wear it as pajamas, too!Lizard KingIf you are searching for the perfect way to look classic and magnificent, then you are in the right place. You will feel like a winner in this cool and comfortable costume. Just make sure you bring extra pillows and blankets if you go on any adventures!

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