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Pack LeaderLeaders always seem to say the right thing. They’re inspiring, pushing their friends and allies to achieve even more than any of them thought possible. They do so through by carefully thinking out their tactics, looking ahead at all possible consequences, and then delegating out tasks based on skill sets and personalities.Of course, sometimes a leader gets so excited about a plan that their carefully considered words come out a little backwards. Then again, that is what makes Disney’s Doc such a great leader. You can always trust this bearded leader will come up with a winning plan!Design & DetailsWhether a true leader or part of a great team, we know that Doc has his heart (and his head) in the right place. You’ll be able to join in the same kind of fun when you dress up in this officially licensed Plus Size Disney Doc costume from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This Made By Us costume is a simple setup that will have you stumbling over words but looking fantastic in a snap! Start with the push orange shirt with oversized faux buttons. Pop on the Dwarf hat and fasten the big white beard (unless you’re sporting your own already). Last steps are to hop into the complementary jersey pants and shoe covers and you’ll be mining up fun in no time!

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