Plus Size Adult Horse Costume

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Horse PowerWe love animal costumes around here. They’re so fun and soft. They make people happy. They make people laugh. And if there’s anything we know about Halloween (and we’d say we know a good bit), it’s that the holiday is beloved for a reason. Halloween gives everyone what they desperately need! So this year, if you need some feel-good vibes, then trot right around to this Plus Size Adult Horse Costume and gallop away into the sunset. It’s hard not to love a horse. Mythical and pragmatic. Strong and graceful. If you’re looking to make an entrance, make friends, and make yourself comfy doing so (none of those two-part horse costumes, here!), then look no further than this costume. It comes with the instant energy boost that can only be found while embodying one of the world’s most majestic creatures!Product DetailsThis exclusive product is made by us and crafted with the finest attention to detail. It’s a simple-to-wear jumpsuit with a front zipper for easy dressing. The attached stuffed hood pulls up over your head to turn you instantly a stallion or mare, and it features a soft-sculpted and realistic muzzle, eyes, and ears. A silky mane trails down the neck and matches the tail. The attached sleeve cuffs and shoe covers easily turn your hands and feet into hooves. It’s easy to see why this outfit has won the race for your heart this Halloween.Be a Grazer Remember when you wear this costume that how you act can affect how realistic it makes you seem. Make sure you dip your head down low toward the snack table and eat all the carrots, nuzzle your pals with your horse nose, and neigh and whinny whenever your favorite songs come on!

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