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A Crazy Kind of Tour Welcome to a very different sort of fairyland! You may have stumbled upon it (or fallen into it) by accident while following a white rabbit carrying a pocket watch, but we’re glad you’re here. The Hatter over here will be your guide to the craziness. Remember to watch out for the queen, who is in a very bad mood over some lost pastries, don’t be scared if you see a grin without a cat, and always stay for tea. Product DetailsConfuse all visitors to your topsy-turvy homeland when you wear your Plus Size Adventurous Hatter for Women! The one-piece bodysuit’s top half is a deep bue with a double row of buttons and waistcoat outlining made of yellow trim. The bottom is printed with a pinstripe pattern, and the whole thing looks absolutely perfect under the attached jacket with its lacy ruffles. A big plaid bow goes around your neck and matches your fingerless gloves. The top hat is the final touch, of course! We’re All Mad Here If you like boggling people with riddles that have no answers, enjoy spending time with talking hares, dormice, and vanishing cats, and don’t mind that the queen might pop up any minute and order someone’s head cut off, then you’re an ideal citizen of this crazy country! Gather your friends together to create a themed group costume, or simply add a little fun battiness to everyone’s lives on your own. You’ll look almost insanely amazing either way.

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