Plus Size Big Lebowski The Dude Bathrobe Costume

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Dude, Where’s My Robe?At the end of a long day of work in the office, the last thing anyone needs is the extra stress of not being able to locate their favorite, cozy, warm bathrobe. If you are like us, then you wear them all the time, from the moment you arrive at home to the moment you leave the next day.Some of us take it even farther. These brave trailblazers wear their robes out and about in town. You might see them at the bank. You might see them at the doctor. You will definitely see them at Wal-Mart. These people epitomize all that The Dude meant when he said his famous words, “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” Poetry.Product DetailsFinding the best way to dress up, but also be as cozy as possible just got a lot easier with this Plus Size The Big Lebowski The Dude Bathrobe Costume. This “Made By Us” costume was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about wearing this for years to come. The super soft brown robe and belt can go over literally anything and be instantly recognizable as the costume from The Big Lebowski. There is no greater honor that can be paid to this character than to have you rep his philosophy in his favorite style. Honor, man.The Dude AbidesIf you are looking for the best The Dude costume that there is, then look no further! This robe does it all, and actually is a pretty nice garment. You will never be sad when you wear this, whether sitting around at home or going out to do the shopping!

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