Plus Size Day of the Dead Costume for Men

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You are once again walking upright, breathing air, and dressed to the nines. Your capacity for vengeance is rivaled by only the size of your sombrero. It seems as though the skin has peeled off your face, but in a not-bad way that welcomes ornate decoration-like those sugar skulls whose folk art style you always admired, your face is a canvas. Your friend Haley tells you that, if you would just snap out of character, you would be the life of the party. You chuckle.Never listen when someone posits that you may be taking this Day of the Dead thing too far. Dia De Los Muertos is a sacred holiday and you should celebrate how you see fit-supposing your ancestors approve, of course! Maybe it’s worth double-checking the ofrenda.Be sure the sugar skulls are in order and the shots of Mezcal are ready for them. You don’t want to worry about spiritual wrath when you are the best-dressed Calaca at the festival! And that will be the case with this Plus Size Day of the Dead Costume, complete with an attached skull and flower sash and bow tie. Pair it with one of our Day of the Dead-themed masks to get the appearance of undead back for one last epic fiesta-or just to hear what your family members had to say about you.

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