Plus Size Flintstones Fred Flintstone Costume for Men

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The Good Ol’ DaysLife was much simpler during the days of the caveman. They lived in buildings made out of stones and got around using their bare feet. They lived in harmony with nature… and had woolly mammoth showers and flew long distances on pterodactyls. They used brontosauruses like cranes and they even used a triceratops as a juicer. And… well, okay. So maybe we get most of our information about prehistory from The Flintstones and they seem to have a life that’s just as modern as the ones we live today! Instead of apps, they just had a dinosaur for everything!Well, maybe it’s time for you to bring your life into the stone age! You just need this officially licensed Plus Size Fred Flinstone Costume!Design & DetailsThis Flinstones costume brings you the iconic look of your favorite prehistoric guy! The costume comes with a bright orange, pullover style tunic. It’s made out of a spandex blend material, so it stretches to fit. Of course, it has black spots on the exterior and it even has the “tattered” edges to make it look like the one that Fred wears in the cartoon series. Finally, you’re going to need a tie if you want to impress Mr. Slate! That’s why this costume comes with a blue tie that fits with a fastener in the back. Put it together and you have a modern stone-age look that’s perfect for just about any occasion.Keepin’ it SimpleWhether you’re trying to get a taste of the simple life or you want to bring Fred to the modern world, this Plus Size Fred Flintstone Costume is a great way to dress up as your favorite Hanna Barbera character! It comes with everything you need (aside from dinosaur appliances) to make the transformation into the iconic caveman.

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