Plus Size Jafar Costume for Men

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Jafars and AladdinsSome people are Aladdin. They’re do-gooders who stumble into great fortune through nothing but pure luck. Others aren’t quite as lucky! Guys like Jafar, they have to spend years mastering dark magic. They have to make connections and weave their way through a hostile political landscape to get a position next to the Sultan. They have to dig through scrolls, investigate potential treasure caches just to figure out where a genie might be located. They also have to team up with an annoying parrot!Yes, the Jafars in life have to work much harder than the Aladdins… so it’s no wonder that they’re not always the valiant hero of the tale! If you’re a hard-working Jafar, then you might just be ready to play the role of the nefarious dark sorcerer!Product DetailsThis Plus Size Jafar Costume is an officially licensed costume based on the Disney villain. It comes with a brilliant black tunic-style velour robe with decorative red trim. It also has a red sash around the waist. The fabric hood is made out of a light yellow material. The costume also comes with Jafar’s signature cape, which has a black shell and a bright red lining for contrast. The turban headpiece brings the whole look together! It’s designed to look like the one from the Disney animated film, and it comes with a red faux gemstone in front, along with a large red section in the middle. Once you have it all on, you’ll feel powerful enough to take destiny into your own hands!Be a Better JafarOf course, we all know how things turned out for Jafar in the original movie, so might be a good idea to turn over a new leaf. Perhaps use that work ethic and magical ability to help people out instead!

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