Plus Size Knight in Shining Armor Mens Costume

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Knights Always get the GirlSure we all dream of one day winning the heart of a beautiful princess but normally they only go after princes. However, there is one exception. If you happen to be a heroic knight you would have an amazing chance at wooing a noble lady. Toss on this Men’s Knight in Shining Armor Costume and you’ll be in the running for the next royal wedding!When you’re wearing a costume as chivalrous as this mighty armor, you’ll feel ready for anything. Charging into a dragon-guarded tower on a noble steed? No problem. Leading an army against an opposing kingdom? That’s just another day at the office. No matter what heroic feat is asked of you, as long as there’s a princess waiting at the finish line, nothing can stop you from saving the day!A Noble and Worthy DesignThe tunic is designed with chain-mail print fabric and has attached armor pieces at the shoulders, chest, back, and forearms. It fastens at the center back with Hook and Loop fastener. The pants have an elastic waistline and are decorated with chain-mail print. There is also attached foam armor pads that secured with Hook and Loop fastener. A chain-mail print fabric also makes up the pair of included gloves. The foam shoe covers have elastic at the heel and under the foot. The foam helmet fastens under the chin with more Hook and Loop fastener.Robo-Knight?Finally be a Knight in Shining Armor this Halloween when you grab this valiant costume. Being a heroic knight can be awfully draining though, so we encourage you to kick back and relax at the parties. However, if you do have enough energy after fighting off dragons and wicked witches all day, why not hit the dance floor? We’re sure that the Robot dance in this costume will be a huge hit and get plenty of laughs.

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