Plus Size Masha and the Bear Men’s Bear Costume

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Special Talent: Child WranglingOnce upon a time, you were a celebrated circus performer. Your ability to ride a unicycle, juggle all kinds of objects, and even do magic tricks brought you wild applause, but after a while you got tired and decided to retire so that you could enjoy the peace and quiet of your forest home and keep bees for their honey. But then a mischievous little girl stumbled upon your sanctuary and it turned out that your circus skills were good for more than just entertaining crowds! Product DetailsTurn into a good-natured, patient forest friend thanks to your exclusive, officially licensed Plus Size Masha and the Bear Bear Costume for Men! The jumpsuit fastens up the back and is made of super soft brown material. A tan inset is sewn over the torso. The attached hand covers are sewn with soft felt “claws” and fasten around your hands with elastic bands. Matching attached shoe covers secure under each foot in the same way. The costume’s soft-sculpted hood is decorated with fabric ears and bear facial features. Time for a NapMasha has a lot of energy, and it takes a lot of energy to keep up with her all the time! Fortunately, bears get to hibernate all winter long to replenish their strength. Before you tuck yourself in for some well-earned nap time, make sure that you hide all of your breakable stuff in case a feisty little visitor pops in on you during the cold months. If you don’t, you may wake up to wreckage!

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