Plus Size Men’s Mariachi Costume

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“Ayyyy, yi, yi, yiiii!”There are so many types of music that have left their mark on the world, but there is only one type that truly encompasses the human condition with all its strengths and frailties. There’s only one that encapsulates the essence of romance. There’s only one that brings comfort to a broken heart and encourages the listener to keep pushing to the last of their strength for one more rep at the gym. There’s only one that requires its musicians to dress up in full regal regalia, including the most impressive hats we’ve ever seen.We’re talking, of course, about mariachi music.Mariachi music is the most moving and versatile of all music. Whether you’re at a wedding or a funeral, mariachi music is appropriate. Whether you’re awkwardly dancing at junior prom or thrashing in a mosh pit, mariachi music is sure to inspire your movements. There’s no better music for an impromptu retirement party or kindergarten graduation ceremony. While some people foolishly thought that accordion-centric polka would edge out mariachi music for the best music of all time, they were revealed to be hopelessly out of tune. Mariachi music is here to stay.Product detailsNow you can join the ranks of other beloved mariachi superstars with this Plus Size Men’s Mariachi Costume. The exclusive costume is made of 100 percent polyester and perfectly imitates a mariachi’s look. The black cropped jacket is covered in red rose appliques and trimmed in red fabric. There are matching appliques on the black pants and black hat as well. There’s also a red sash and a red tie for the front of your shirt.Music masterNow all you need is a guitar and the music will flow through you to inspire everyone who hears, whether that’s your roommate at 3 a.m. or your English teacher in the middle of class. No one will be able to resist the call of the Mariachi!

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