Plus Size Men’s Pope Costume 2X

157,00 kr.

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be the Pope? Sure, you might have to get used to a hectic schedule, but just think about how cool it will be to cruise around in cities all over the globe in your popemobile, while teaching the word of God. Of course, not everything is easy when you’re traveling the world as the holiest of holies. Flying is tricky. You can’t fly with more than three ounces of holy water with you and people are always asking you for holy water. You always end up running out halfway through the flight and believe it or not, no one else carries holy water with them and your main Cardinal is never willing to share his supply!You’ll be looking cool (they always say that you look good in white!) and the crowds that gather to see you are going to get you pumped up to preach the holy gospel. Take charge of the papacy with this floor-length, lush Pope costume!

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