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Stay SaltyRule the seven seas as the saltiest, most sequin-covered merman in the ocean. Every man should experience feeling like a real prince (or princess) at least once, and this Salty Mermaid Plus Size Costume is here to do it. The sequin-covered fins glint like real scales, and the metallic waist and fin color shift between deep-sea blue, oil slick purple, and real-men-wear-it pink. The costume is complete with a netted shirt and a seaweed boa that give you those under-the-sea details that really finish a look, not just add to it.Product DetailsThis costume is inclusive in size (because people of every shape deserve to feel like royalty!). And it’s a Made By Us product, which means it’s not just cheap fabric that poorly drapes and gets destroyed in the wash. It’s well-designed and well-made and is expertly crafted to look good and last a long time. The sequins are solidly sewn on to shimmer and shine with every twist, turn, tail-flip. Velcro up the back make it easy to get on and take off on your own. The metallic waist tapers to create a flattering shape, and the v-shaped hem along the bottom create height. This costume comes with a netting shirt that wraps around the torso and ties at the waist. It also comes with a seaweed boa that brings out the green in the tail.Go DeepYou won’t regret picking up this Salty Mermaid Plus Size Costume for your next event (or just because). Add a trident and a beard (shop around or grow your own!) and no one, from mermaid to fish, will be able to take their eyes off of you, much less ignore your official orders. Give a little tail flip and make people wish they were part of their world.

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