Plus Size Men’s Smoking Jacket 2X Costume

157,00 kr.

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It’s finally time to make a move. You’ve had your eye on somebody long enough that you want to make an impression, without stumbling over your words with a premeditated pickup line. You have to say something without saying anything. You gotta get noticed without being the focus. Red makes a statement. It’s the color of passion, whether it be love or anger. It naturally commands attention, and can be obnoxious or classy, depending on how it’s worn. It can even add a look of confidence to its wearer. So when you’ve decided that it’s time to strut your stuff and swoop in for the kill, we’ve got a steamy, red smoking jacket that’s sure to get your special someone to double-take. Take a gander at yourself. Imagine what a little spritz of cologne, some fancy cocktails and this jacket could do for your inner ladies-man. You’ll be swatting them off with a stick in no time when they see a fine sir dressed comfortably and classy. Smooth conversation is just a smile away in a coat as fly as this. This red plus size smoking jacket is made of 100% polyester and has a velvet feel and look to it. Black accents on the collar and a black piece of fabric are also included. Pair up with one of our sexy bunny costumes for a great couples costume idea!

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