Plus Size The Little Mermaid Ariel Dog Costume

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A Part of Your WorldIf you think about it, Ariel is a lot like your dog. Let’s break it down! First and foremost, both Ariel and your want nothing more than to be a part of our world. That’s why your good girl is always trying to follow you around! Second, they both think that random junk is a priceless treasure. Ariel collects stuff like discarded forks and broken candleholders. Your pup is probably more fond of sticks and bones, but they’re both junk that normal people wouldn’t want. Finally, they’re both great at singing. Sure, Ariel might have a better grasp of melodies and lyrics, but your pooch makes up for it in enthusiasm! All your dog really needs to be just like her is an officially licensed costume from The Little Mermaid.Product DetailsThe Little Mermaid Ariel Plus Size Pet Costume starts with a pink, bikini-style top that’s shaped like a pair of seashell cups. The tail portion of the outfit fits around your dog’s neck with hook and loop fasteners. Finally, the costume comes with a red wig that fits on your dog’s head to fully transform her into the classic Disney character. The entire outfit is designed for larger dogs, so be sure to check the size chart! Once your dog has it on, they’ll be ready for an adventure in the human world!

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