Plus Size Tin Woodsman Costume for Men

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If only you had a heart!For years, you suspected that you didn’t have a heart. When some people grow misty eyed listening to choirs of children singing at the holidays, you grumble about how they’re off-key. Most people feel warm and fuzzy when they receive a hug from a loved one. You worry about catching something contagious. Normal people bawl their eyes out watching “Sleepless in Seattle,” but you think that Meg Ryan’s character was honestly kind of creepy for stalking Tom Hanks like she did. It wasn’t until you sat stone-faced through Michael Bolton’s music video, “I said I loved you, but I lied,” that you realized your worst fears were true: You really don’t a heart.This discovery would be heartbreaking… if you had a heart to break, that is. You could sign up for a heart transplant, but the waiting list is so long, you’d never get a heart in time to care about this year’s Hallmark Holiday movie marathon. But we have great news! There’s a guy off in Oz who’s just giving hearts away. All you have to do is follow the Yellow Brick Road to his operating room, and you’ll be sobbing at animal rescue commercials in no time.Product DetailsTake heart with this Plus Size Tin Woodsman Costume! The exclusive costume is 100 percent polyester metallic knit fabric that looks like tin, and it includes a shirt, pants, hood and shoe covers. The shirt has metal snaps at the center front as well as decorative shoulder and elbow pads that are anchored by buttons. The pants have similar decorative kneepads that are anchored by buttons, along with an elastic waist for comfy fit. The balaclava-style hood slips over the head, and it has an attached funnel on top, which can be stuffed with tissue if desire to maintain its shape. The shoe covers have elastic at the ankles and underfoot to easily attach.A heartwarming solutionSoon, you’ll have your very own heart beating in your chest. And you’ll be able to cry your way through the latest rom-com like everyone else, we promise!

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