Plus Size Toga Halloween Costume for Men | Greek Costume

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Toga party!!! It’s something they’ve shouted throughout history, from Ancient Rome (where every day was a toga party) to modern frat houses in the good old U.S. of A. Whatever time period you’re into… and whether you’re plotting the downfall of Julius Caesar, or just celebrating the end of the semester in classic college style… our Plus Size Men’s Toga is a timeless way to dress for the occasion!The applications are pretty much limitless with this costume, and so are the personas that you can take on. Greek philosopher? Plato, Aristotle, Socrates–they all totally wore togas. Roman citizen? Togas are what they dressed up in to visit the coliseum… and pretty much everywhere else. College party animal? Yep, you guessed it. No self-respecting frat boy in the 50s and 60s partied without one of these fine tunics (trust us, we’ve watched a lot of movies). And let’s not forget the space cults Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock ran into in basically every other episode of the original Star Trek. All of them rocked the toga like it never went out of style (and if you ask us, it didn’t). It may be one of the most versatile forms of dress (and costume) that ever existed.So whatever the occasion… Halloween, campus bash, a vote in the Roman senate, space cult meeting… the toga is a great choice, not only for its wearability and style, but also for its historical street cred. Made by us, the plus size men’s toga is a costume for all seasons!

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