Plus Size Warthog Costume for Adults

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Til butik


Warthogs gonna warthogSo, basically, it boils down to this. Warthogs are gonna do what warthogs want to do. Would you mess with a furry little 3-foot tall bundle of ferociousness complete with 4 razor-sharp ivory tusks? Nope, we didn’t think so! Although, there is an alternative to be a complete bystander to all the warthog shenanigans you’ll witness in the future. You could join ’em! It might seem like a stretch that’d you be able to join a pack of warthogs (a sounder, as a group of them are officially known) but we are ready to help you make it happen. Just snatch up our Adult Warthog costume and we can make it happen!design & detailsSo, we’ve convinced you to do your warthog duty this Halloween, and you’re ready for the nitty-gritty on the Plus Size Warthog costume that’s going to make it happen. Made by Us, our team of artists and developers crafted this costume in-house to be one of the newest, and possibly most-tusked entry in our line of exclusive animal costumes. Designed as an easy-going jumpsuit and a character hood, it features polyester velour that’s quite cozy and has fiberfill and foam padding in the chest, hips, and thighs for extra animal effect. Faux leather cloven hooves are attached at the wrists and ankles, and it has a plush tail attached in the back. The character hood is what really gets the job done on the costume, though, as it features wild eyes, plush tusks, and a black yarn mane. It even has squiggly lines for nostrils on the nose, for a perfect finishing touch.snouting aboutWith a gender-neutral cut, this Warthog costume is suited great for men and women. Available here in adult 2X, we also have it standard adult sizes, as well as children’s sizes so that you can form a warthog sounder right in your own family. Whether for a fun family trick-or-treating theme, or to show up to the costume party as a rambunctious bachelor warthog, we’re sure this warthog jumpsuit will have you snouting about and having a bunch of fun!

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