Plus Size Women’s Oktoberfest Fraulein Costume

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The Most Wonderful Time of the YearWe’ve been planning this office trip for about seven months now. We say we’re going to do it every year, but somehow never manage to pull it together, but this time-this time the stars have aligned, and the entire team is going to Oktoberfest! We’re talking the real deal. We have our lederhosen packed, our flights booked, and our stomachs ready to be filled with more pounds of salted meat than is probably healthy. And guess what? You’ve been invited! Yes, you! You’re one of our best customers, so we’re spotting you this classic styled Women’s Plus Size Oktoberfest Fraulein Costume so you can join in the fun.It’ll be great! This yearly Bavarian festival has all the best beer, food, music, and fashion that we’ve come to expect from any German mountain region. Just pack your bags and get ready to kick your legs to some non-stop polka and group songs!Fun DetailsThis iconic look is crafted after the original Bavarian trends from when Oktoberfest began. The dress is secured by a zipper in the back and is styled as a skirt and corset over a peasant blouse. It’s everything you need to get in a festive mood. The skirt and sleeves have eyelet edging for an accented style. Meanwhile, the bodice has brocade ribbon trim and satin ribbon lacing. The included black petticoat adds extra volume to the skirt. Finally, the red velvet apron has ties at the waist. The entire ensemble will fit in perfectly!Passport to FunObviously, you can see how excited we are to finally get the whole gang together on a work trip like this. There’s only one rule: no shop talk. For the whole week we’re gone, we’re just a huge group of buddies with varying backgrounds and interests and absolutely no work-related connections. It’s going to be great. See you there!

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