Pope Men’s Costume

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As Good As they ComeYou’re a dedicated civil servant. You work with government organizations to get food and shelter for the homeless and impoverished populations, and on the weekends you volunteer at the local animal shelter. That’s pretty nice of you. Oh, and you spent last summer building houses and providing health services in remote regions of the globe? And you are thinking of applying to the Peace Corps next year? Ok, hold on. You’re more than just a good guy, you’re saintly. Well, saint might be a big term, you’d need three miracles to your name-oh and you’d have to be deceased already. But pope-like? That sounds just about right. So pick up this Men’s Pope Costume to let everyone know just how much love is in your heart.We’re not saying you should become that Pope. That’s a bit more difficult, and includes lots of climbing of the ranks and managing Vatican politics and a whole bunch of other stuff. Just let this outfit show that you could be the Pope, but you’re a little tied up with all your volunteer projects.Fun DetailsWearing this outfit will help you feel strength in your kindness. Plus, you’ll look just as good as the actual Pope on a Catholic holiday! The full length white robe fastens in the back and is layered with the red cloak. The cloak features a white collar and a vertical strip of gold brocade, and it fastens at the back of the neck. Also included is the iconic white Pope hat, which has a gold printed design and an elastic back for a secure fit around the head.We the PapalSurely, your kind and endless acts of service warrant this kind of elaborate getup. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll be remembered by people the world over-who knows, maybe even the actual Pope will get wind of you and send you a nice card or something someday!

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