Prairie Girl Costume for Children

220,00 kr.

Color: White/Yellow
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: California Costume Collection
Network: Commission Junction

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Tiny House in a FieldDon’t you just yearn for the good ol’ days? You know: wood fires, butter churning, berry picking? Fields of open crops and flowers? No buildings for miles? All that wholesome outdoor stuff where people were responsible for finding and growing their own food, taking care of themselves and their homes? Farming and whatnot? Well, we don’t. We don’t know the first thing about planting crops or baking from scratch. We don’t know anything (and we mean anything) about herding animals, milking them, or building houses from nothing but wood and nails. We’ve no idea how to hitch up a horse (let alone ride one) nor embroider, weave, or woodwork. Really, we’d be terrible pioneers… although. Although there is one thing we’d probably be pretty good at. Sewing. Like, right? Of course we’d be good at that. It’s like, in our blood. Okay, so we maybe wouldn’t be making nan’s quilts, but we’re pretty sure we could get by with some pretty perfect attire for out on-the-range. Fun DetailsWe’d be all prim and proper in outfits like this Prairie Girl Kids Costume. This outfit is a floral print polyester dress, complete with hook and loop fastener at the back of the neck. There’s elastic around the cuffs, along with eyelet edging. The full-length pinafore apron is sewn to the front and has waist ties, and the matching bonnet has chin ties as well (along with more fancy eyelet edging). See? We’d be all at home on the prairie and everything. Pretty PrairiesNow that we’re thinking about it, we’d probably be excellent pioneers. Well, at least we’d look the part. There’d be a bit of a learning curve for the rest of it. The baling and cooking and farming and whatnot. But we’d look magnificent! (and that’s the important part, now isn’t it?)

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