Premium Black Cat Costume for Children

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Why do people say that it’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path? We thank our lucky stars whenever any cat crosses our path, it’s an opportunity to pet a cat, after all! The Egyptians had it down though, they thought that cats were a manifestation of a God. Now, we don’t know that they’re actually deities but we have definitely met cats that actually act like Gods! There’s something in the way cats move that makes us believe that they’re somehow above us. We never see them stumble over their feet or choke on their water when they’re sipping from their dish. Well, to be fair we have seen cats run into walls or fall off couches but for the most part, they’re without a doubt more graceful than your average measly human. If they don’t have a little otherworldly touch to their psyche then why would we let them get away with their annoying habits? We certainly wouldn’t let our children swipe everything off our desk and yet we don’t just let the cats get away with their mischief but we even put their trouble making on YouTube. Cats pushing things off tables get millions of views! Your little one will feel powerful in this zip-up velvety jumpsuit whether or not you let them get away with feline hijinks. The suit has a fuzzy tail, easy up cat hood, and paws with gray pads and faux fur that will easily fold over your child’s hands. It’s so cozy that we wouldn’t be surprised if your kiddo wore the outfit for her Saturday morning cartoons. So, draw on those whiskers and tell your kiddo to suit up. It’s time for your little one to set the black cat record straight!

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