Premium Black Cat Costume for Kids

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FEAR OF BLACK KITTIES FINALLY ABOLISHED!The world has pretty much given up any fight. The cats won. They took over the Internet and, with it, our hearts. We’ve collectively bowed down to our feline masters. However, there is one sect of the kitties that still suffer from an irrational fear that is really bringing down the rest of our civilized world. And, in the interest of bringing us all together, it is time to enact Mission: Pounce!For decades and longer, we’ve had the near global recognition that the black cat is a sign of impending disaster and doom. They cross your path and it is an instant guarantee that you’re life is in serious trouble for years! They ride on the back of witch’s broomsticks and might even snatch up your souls by breathing in your breath at night!? Oh, boy! Well, we’re here to help dispel all those crazy notions, but we’ll need help!FUN DETAILSThat’s where your adorable kiddo comes into play. When your tyke hops into this Kid’s Premium Black Cat Costume, all those awful myths are going to fall away and be replaced by purring snuggles. The get-up includes a polyester faux fur jumpsuit that zips up the front. The hood features ears sewn right on while attached foam shoe covers and elastically bound mitts finish up the transformation. Your tyke will just need to practice the purr-fect kitty noises and we’ll be set!THIS TIME THE BLACK KITTY MEANS CUDDLESFor too long, the black cat has suffered some serious mean glares from paranoid folks that are positive they are omens of terrible luck. Your smiling kiddo in this black kitty gear is going to change that in one snap of their fingers. (Well, maybe more clap of their paws, since it might be tough to actually snap with the mittens on.)

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