Premium Leopard Costume for Kids

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On the ProwlIs your kid more on the wild side? Do they stalk in the shadows and hunt smaller prey? Do they growl when they grow upset and like taking naps in the sun? Do they like to play with their food and flex their claws?You do realize that everything we just said also describes a leopard, don’t you? And you agreed with all of those questions when you thought we were talking about your kid. We’re not going to lie. We’re a little concerned. Do you have a kid at home, or a wild animal?… You know what? We’re not going to make you answer that. Because, if we’re being honest, we’re pretty sure we were little wild things when we were kids too. Oh yeah. The scratching, the tree climbing, the growling… the whole shebang. And hey, we turned out okay! We’re pretty sure your kid will be just fine too. It’s probably just a phase or something.Fun DetailsIf your kid is being a bit wild, perhaps it’s time you let them. You know. So they can get it out of their systems. One good way to do that? Let them show their wild side with this Premium Leopard Kid’s Costume. This faux fur jumpsuit is printed to look like leopard spots and has a zipper up the front. Soft round ears are sewn into the top of the hood, and the big foam shoe covers are attached. The nice big paw mitts have elastic wristbands and appliqued paw pads. It may not be the most practical costume for climbing and stalking, but we can about guarantee that your kid will feel quite at home in this outfit.PurrfectActually, this outfit is pretty dang cozy too. Don’t be surprised if your kid puts it on and then immediately wants to curl up for a nap. We know we do… er. Would. We would want to curl up if we were wearing it. But we totally aren’t. Don’t even worry about it.

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