Premium Red Riding Hood Costume for Girls

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Fairy Tale ThrillsNot all fairy tales include magic and princesses or even a fairy. Some include terrifying villains and dark forests that the hero must pass through. For your child’s mind, those spooky stories are better than those featuring a knight in shining armor. Your kiddo wants intrigue and danger, some beauty, but most of all a main character that shows their moral fiber.Your child’s favorite is Little Red Riding Hood. Every version, from Perrault and the Brothers Grimm to cleaned up editions where the leading lady doesn’t meet a gruesome end. Little Red inspires your child’s playtime and storytelling. The thrilling tale has them packing small baskets with snacks and wrapping a blanket like a cloak around their shoulders. Upgrade your child’s dress-up and bring Little Red right off the page for them with a costume that’s as spectacular as the story.Design & DetailsYour child will be completely transformed into their favorite fairy tale character with this Premium Girls Red Riding Hood Costume. The ensemble starts with a satin and velvet dress. The velvet bodice is accented with golden trim, a soft-white ruffle, and velvet ties that create a corset-like look in the front. The white sleeves feature small bows edged with gold. An apron with intricate red floral embroidery is attached at the waist and lays over the satin skirt. The included satin-lined, velvet traveling cloak ensures this stunning costume is recognizable as Little Red’s and is sure to wrap your child in the excitement of their favorite story. A pair of red lace gloves add an extra flair to the outfit and a dark red bow with an attached wolf broach polish the dreamy look.The Story Comes AliveLittle Red Riding Hood stood out from the crowd with her vibrant red cloak. But with this exclusive costume, your child is sure to impress even the best dressed! Whether they’re becoming Little Red for a play or Halloween, this Premium Red Riding Hood Girls Costume provides everything your child needs to bring the fairy tale to life!

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