Presidential Hugger Mugger Costume Adult Inflatable

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This Costume Is HUGEWe’re not here to tell you how to feel about President Donald Trump. You are allowed to think whatever you like about him! But it is a fact that, throughout history, presidents have been satirized for the entertainment of their citizens. From comic strips to plastic masks, creators have made plenty of comments about our American leaders. In today’s age, SNL has built quite a reputation based on their presidential and political skits! Now you can bring that spirit to life in your own home with this Adult Inflatable Presidential Hugger Mugger Costume. Product DetailsThis inflatable costume does all of the hard work for you! It comes with its own fan and can keep itself inflated during an event. This figure is meant to be worn on the back, as if you are giving the president a piggy back ride. The inflated legs are attached to each other by the shoes, while the hands attach to each other as well. That way, the figure won’t fall off! You can accessorize this outfit by dressing up as another character, or just in general American finery (aka lots of red, white, and blue). The choice is all yours!Sending a MessageWhatever message you want to share with your look, we know you will tell it clearly with the help of this inflatable costume! You can wear this costume at a Halloween party, political event, or any old costume party. We’re sure it will start up some conversations!

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