Pretty Mad Hatter Girls Costume

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Mercury RisingDid you know that the expression “mad as a hatter” didn’t originate with Alice in Wonderland, but with hat-makers in the 18th century who used mercury in the process of turning animal fur into felt? Over time, the exposure to mercury led to a variety of ailments including: hallucinations, mental instability, and related physical and mental ailments. Yeesh. We’re willing to bet that your kiddo isn’t thinking of all of this when she wears this Pretty Mad Hatter outfit, but it’s pretty interesting stuff, right? Luckily, they sorted out all those hat-mercury connections long ago. The only way your gal will go mad from this costume is from pure joy!This outfit is a perfect way for your kiddo to stand out from the normal crowd of ghouls and goblins, and she can inject a bit of harmless chaos into the costume party scene. This costume is a femme take on a classic, and we’re mad about it!Fun DetailsIn this French-inspired ensemble, your daughter can feel comfortable being both classy and eccentric. The sleeveless blouse has buttons at the center lined with columns of ruffles, and a striped floppy bow tie attached at the collar. The shorts have an elastic back waistband and a side zipper. The smashing cutaway tailcoat jacket has 2 gold-tone buttons at the front connected by a chain, and is flourished with flared bell cuffs with ruffled mesh lining. Finally, to finish the look, the foam hat has wire in the brim for customized shaping. No milliner required!Pure IntrigueIn this stylish look, people won’t know whether to compliment your kiddo’s style, or ponder what she’ll do next. And if you ask us, nothing sounds more appropriate for a Mad Hatter than that. Now let her go have some fun at any and every costume party she comes by!

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