Prison Jumpsuit Costume for Men

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THE EASY WAY When it comes to a bright orange prison jumpsuit, there are only two ways to get one. You can either buy one from us, or you can get yourself into some trouble with the law. We are happy to say that, if you are reading this, you probably chose the more sensible of the two options. Sure, you might not have to pay for the jumpsuit if you get yourself thrown in jail, but you will be paying for it in other ways! For one, you can’t show off that jumpsuit on Halloween! If you’re wearing your jumpsuit in prison on Halloween, It’s not really going to be the most original costume, considering every other prisoner in the joint is going to be wearing the same thing! So, if you want your jumpsuit to be a little more unique, make sure that you wear it on the right side of the prison fence! FUN DETAILS This costume consists of one classic style prison jumpsuit! This costume comes in bright orange so that you are easy to spot if you end up trying to slip past the guards and over the gates! Even if you do get out, you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb. This costume is secured with a front zipper, and also comes with your own prisoner number printed on the front. It also says “Dept. of Corrections on the back, making it look like you are the real deal! BE CAREFULWhen you get your prisoner costume, you’re going to want to be cautious whenever you see the police! This costume is so believable that the officer might not be able to tell the difference. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself put behind bars, simply because you look SO much like a real prisoner. You’ve been warned!

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