Prisoner Costume Hat For Adults

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Jailbreak!It’s time. You and your mates have planned it perfectly: the great escape. You’ve spent years behind bars and now it’s time to feel the sun on your face again. And once you get out, you’ll need a perfect cover-up to your life of crime.We may be wrong, but we actually think dressing like a prisoner for your first costume party out of the slammer may help your cause. No one will be looking for a guy dressed like a prisoner! It’s the element of surprise, and we think it will work to your advantage. So slip on this Black and White Striped Prisoner Hat and hide out in plain sight! It’s just the kind of bold and brave stunt a guy like you would pull.Fun DetailsThis cap is the perfect accessory to top any classic prisoner costume, and will undoubtedly help you stay hidden as you hang with friends tonight. The pillbox style boasts bright white and night black stripes. We hear you used this hat to help you escape; you put a file under the 20″ circumference and hid it there until nighttime, when you could make your way, slowly, toward freedom.A Word of CautionObviously, the better choice would be to never get involved in a life of crime, to begin with, but we understand we’re too late for that whole song and dance! Good luck!

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