Public Offender Inmate Costume for Men

126,00 kr.

Til butik


Bad to the BoneYou know what? We’re just going to come out and say it: Not everyone can be the good guy. That’s right. We said it. Not everyone is going to be on team goodie-two-shoes, nor will they want to be. Afterall, how good can a good guy be if they don’t have a bad guy to compare themselves to? Whoa. Getting a bit existential there, but you get what we mean, don’t you? Good. And, while we’re being a bit honest, sometimes it’s more fun to be the bad guy anyway, no? You get to plan elaborate schemes, heists, and break-outs. They get crazy names, ridiculous side-kicks, and bad-ass weapons. Now doesn’t that sound fun? More fun than trying to save the day, right? That’s what we thought, which is totally why here at, we are an equal opportunity costumer. That means bad or good, we’ve got what you need for your heroic (or villainous) persona. Fun DetailsIf, for instance, you find yourself as a bad guy that got in a spot of trouble (or is maybe blending in with the locals!) you’ll need this Public Offender Inmate Costume. This 100 percent orange polyester outfit comes with a shirt and pair of pants. The shirt is a short-sleeved pullover printed with a prisoner number on the front. The pants have a simple elastic waistband. This outfit will instantly brand you as a bad guy, which is perfect for any nefarious personas you intend to put on. Behind BarsNow as a bad guy, we want to congratulate you on going against-the-grain. So many people are so bent on being part of team good guy, that it gets old. We hope you meet more like-minded people where you’re going, and that you can create a healthy group of villains for years to come.

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