Pumpkin Feed Me Child Costume

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Feeling GuttedEvery Halloween season, you sit the family down and carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. This year, your youngest child asked to gut their pumpkin without any help. Agreeing, you handed them a large spoon and let them get to work on the messy task. They delighted in the squishy feel of the guts and giggled every time a seed got stuck to their fingers. When they were satisfied with their work, you carved the face then headed outside to let your kiddo see their masterpiece all lit up.However, your kiddo didn’t seem delighted by their jack-o-lantern. For the rest of the evening, they moped about how the pumpkin was empty; how it shouldn’t be empty. Confused, you asked them what they meant by their mumblings. Their clarification: Fill it back up! It’s hungry! It needs its seeds! Explaining that the pumpkin wouldn’t light up with the guts back in (not to mention the slimy insides now live at the bottom of your trash can), your child seemed pacified. But they continued to mourn the loss of the pumpkin goop. Well, our suggestion is either to try painting pumpkins next year or compromise with this Child Pumpkin Feed Me Costume!Product DetailsIf your child is hoping to put the guts back in their jack-o-lantern, this pumpkin costume would be happy to join them for some trick-or-treating! The soft, poly-foam tunic features a wide smile that doubles as a pocket for your little one to fill with all their Halloween candy. There will be no delay in getting their pumpkin full either! With hook and loop fastener strips on the back, getting in and out of the one-piece costume is easy. Let your child re-fill their beloved jack-o-lantern with this Feed Me Pumpkin Costume!Happy Hungry HalloweenWhether they love playing with the guts or think a pumpkin should stay stuffed, this Feed Me Pumpkin Costume will let them celebrate Halloween as a hungry, grinning gourd!

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