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The Most Important Witch of All What would Halloween be without pumpkins? No one would be able to carve a silly or scary jack o’ lantern to decorate their front step and illuminate the autumn night. That’s why there are certain witches whose powers are strictly involved in growing and caring for the gorgeous gourds. These witches work tirelessly with their magic to ensure a bumper crop of pumpkins in every shape and size, all ready for Halloween! Product DetailsBe a spellbinding sight in your exclusive Girl’s Pumpkin Patch Witch Costume! The knee-length dress zips up the back and features a beautiful black bodice sewn with shiny sequins. The satin collar is embroidered with fun details, and each cap sleeve is embellished with a small orange bow. A satin belt with a lame gold buckle is sewn to the waistline. The dress’s skirt has a top layer made of floaty orange organza printed with a pattern of gold stars. The included black witch hat has a matching starry band around its crown. The Customer Is Always Right If you wanted to, you could tell a few stories about some of the more peculiar people who have visited your patch! There was that one serving girl dressed in tatters, who came with her friend who had wings and a wand. They were saying something about building a coach, so you gave them your biggest pumpkin. And then there was the pumpkin eater who wanted to live inside a pumpkin. A little strange, but you don’t judge. Your pumpkins are the finest around, so it’s no wonder that everyone comes to you!

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