Pumpkin Witch Girl’s Costume

220,00 kr.

Color: Black/Orange
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Underwraps
Merchant: HalloweenCostumes.com
Network: Commission Junction

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Double, double, toil and trouble!Every aspiring witch knows there are important things they need to graduate from witch-in-training to full-fledged mistress of the night. You’ve got to have a sturdy, reliable broom, of course. You don’t want it to crash from underneath you when you’re flying through the night! You’ve got to have a nice big cauldron so you can fit all your ingredients for your spells. Sometimes, a spell calls for a lot of ingredients, like 20 pairs of lizards’ tails, and you don’t want to run out of room halfway. And, most important of all, you need a really tall, pointy hat. Every famous witch has a tall, pointy hat, and you know the rest of your coven would laugh you out of the room if you showed up to the monthly meeting without a pointy hat of your own.Of course, there’s more to being a witch than having a big black hat. That’s about as basic as you can get… You need an angle to make your outfit your own! Find something that you really love, like pumpkins, and build your perfect witch outfit around it. Then you’ll definitely stand out as a truly impressive witch!Product DetailsLuckily, this Girl’s Pumpkin Witch Costume comes with everything you need to become a true witch, including an impressively tall and pointy hat! The beautiful orange dress is covered in black cat and bat accents, with black lacy trim on the bottom and collar. It comes with a built-in faux velvet overcoat, that features long sleeves, a petticoat and a black belt with a pumpkin accent on the buckle. Most importantly, the costume comes with a matching black hat that features more black lace trim on the brim and a pumpkin accent in the middle. Now this is a hat fit for a witch!An enchanting outfitWith this Girl’s Pumpkin Witch Costume, you’ll fit right in at the next witch’s coven and be sure to be promoted to full-witch right away!

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