Puppet Llama Costume for Girls

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No Llama DramaWandering through the petting zoo, you realized your kid seemed unenthused. The goats were occupied by crowds with handfuls of pellets and not a single one would break away for a scratch behind the ears. A pen full of pigs offered nothing but boredom while each pink beast snored through the afternoon. Even the miniature ponies seemed uninteresting, simply swishing their tails and nibbling hay as far from the fence as they could get. But then your child saw a llama lingering near its gate. No other children came near the fluffy alien-creature and your kiddo took their opportunity. They scratched its plush fur and laughed as it twitched and pranced. The two seemed to have an instant connection and when the llama lowered its head for a soft muzzle rub, you saw your sweet kiddo whisper in its ear.It wasn’t long until you found your child’s detailed plans that outlined how they would adopt a llama all their own. Their lists seemed informed and their excitement sincere, but you knew keeping a llama in the house wouldn’t work. All their food and their fur (and most of all waste) would create quite a mess, that just wouldn’t be worth the stress. Luckily, you’re here and we know a way that your child can enjoy more time with their favorite barnyard pal and you can keep the farm where it belongs.Product DetailsBring a friend home for your llama-obsessed kiddo with this Puppet Llama Costume for girls. The playful ensemble is an excellent way to enjoy the charm of the animal without worry about the mess they can make. The costume begins with a pull over dress made with a light-colored velvet bodice and a satin and tulle skirt. Matching leg warmers fit securely around the legs with an elastic band. Not only will your child get to bring the llama puppet to life for countless playtime adventures, the curly faux fur-trimmed and neutral colored ensemble lets your little one pretend they’re a llama themselves!Constant CompanionWhether they’re visiting the llamas at the petting zoo or they want to trick-or-treat together for Halloween, your kiddo can keep their favorite barnyard animal around for all the fun with this Puppet Llama Costume!

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