Puppy Dog Mascot Adult Costume

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DOG MASCOTThis costume is perfect for anyone looking for a dog mascot costume! You get all the fun of having a dog at the big game, without a real dog chasing every ball they see. That’s the problem with bringing a dog to a sporting event. They see the ball flying around the field or pitch or court and they can’t help themselves, they are just dying to chase that ball. Luckily, when someone wears this costume, we like to think that they’ll be able to control the doggie urges to chase the ball. They’ll be able to put that puppy energy towards something else, like pumping up the crowd with some big barks or chasing their tail. When it comes to mascots, high energy is a good thing, and we think this dog is the perfect mascot for anyone looking to leave their crowd pumped up and ready to win! FUN DETAILS This costume comes in the form of a jumpsuit. It has attached mitts to hide your hands, and we’ve included boot covers to cover your feet. The boot covers aren’t attached to the jumpsuit, so you can put shoes on and wear them inside of the boot covers. Lastly comes the mask. The mask is a big stuffed dog’s head with mesh eyeholes for the wearer to see out of. The mask is what really sells this costume, thanks to the big ears and nose that make it instantly recognizable as one big puppy. DOGS Whatever you need this costume for, whether you’ll wear it as a mascot or as a Halloween costume, we hope that you can bring all the energy of a young puppy to whatever you do. If you find yourself craving a treat, we recommend candy instead of doggie treats; trust us, they won’t taste good to you just because you’re in costume.

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