Purple Moon Witch Costume for Girls

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Eye of NewtThe tricky thing about magic is that, contrary to popular opnion, you can’t just throw some stuff into a huge black cauldron and get results. No way. It takes practice, skill, natural born ability, and complicated incantations and spellwork. Eye of newt and liver of toad don’t just go together without thinking, you know. It takes some serious magic. Good thing your girl is already way ahead of you on that. She’s been mixing dragon scales and grey unicorn hairs with precision since first grade. For your birthday last year, she turned all your neckties into boa constrictors. She certainly has a good sense of humor doesn’t she?Tie transformations are pretty complicated magic. So we think it’s time for you to pick up this Purple Moon Witch Costume to celebrate just how proficiently she’s mastering her skills. It’s the perfect look, and will help her feel at home with the other great witches of her time, like Farrah-the-Fearsome and Lesha-the-Somewhat-Less-Fearsome. Fun DetailsThis stylish but classic-looking costume resembles the all black dress and overdress of the witches we all know, but comes patterned with flocked moons and stars, for a roguish edge-perfect to match her sense of humor. Also included is a purple satin sash with a crescent moon buckle and a cone-shaped hat. To complete the look, accessorize with a witch’s broom that she’ll surely be able to set to flight.A Tiny Note on SpellcraftWe just want to give you a heads up-as much as she deserves this outfit for her witchy skills, there’s always a chance all that power could go to her head. She might start trying to control lightning or cast wickedly complicated spells designed to turn entire forests into castles. So keep an eye out for the early warning signs: black books in strange languages and a sudden interest in basket weaving (don’t ask, dark magic). We’re sure she-and you-will be just fine, though. But, you know, don’t quote us on that.

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