Rainbow Brite Costume for Toddlers

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A Bright NameWhen you hear that a superhero was originally named ‘Wisp,’ it might not sound like a particularly strong character. Wisp sounds like someone who is going to get hurt easily. Maybe is pretty weak when it comes to their supernatural strength. What kind of power would a Wisp have other than fading invisibly into the background? Well, it turns out that this little girl has one heck of a bright heart and that’s what lead her down the rainbow road to Rainbow Brite! In no time, Wisp was riding a magical pegasus and wielding the magical power of the Rainbow Belt to bring color back to a dreary world. Wherever humdrum hails or the lack of hope has made the cityscape go grayscale, Rainbow Brite is there to remind the world that the dazzling colors of Roy G. Biv are always here to save the day! (And, frankly, we’re pretty sure that the huge smile on her face would do the very same thing even without the magical belt!) Fun DetailsIf your tyke is the light of your life, make sure that they’ve got a smile as big as your own by decking them out in this officially licensed Rainbow Brite costume for toddlers. Our Made By Us design team recreated the iconic cartoon character from head to toe and made sure all the colors are bright as can be. This complete ensemble begins with a blue dress featuring white furry trim along the hemline. The classic Rainbow Belt and suspenders provide a dash of magic. Rainbow leggings bring all of the glory of the 80s back in living color and a purple bow tops off your Rainbow Tyke’s look. A Win for your WispHelp your tyke light up the night with this officially licensed Rainbow Brite costume. We carry a Rainbow Brite wig to help add a dash of gold to your little hero, too!

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