Rainbow Cupcake Girl’s Costume

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The Sweetest TreatPeer into the bakery window. What do you see? Look past the tables of fudgy brownies and sprinkle-laden sugar cookies, beyond the trays loaded with truffles in every single flavor imaginable. Gooey pies and tiny tarts point the way to a special shelf in the very center of the store. On top of the tiered stand, nestled in the place of honor, lies the most tempting dessert you’ve ever spotted. The rainbow cupcake seems to almost whisper, “Pick me!”Everyone loves cupcakes. They are a uniquely personal treat, small enough to hold in your hand yet full of all the delicious flavors of a full-sized cake. Their swirls and loops of frosting are enough to make anyone’s mouth water, piled into a beautiful pattern that looks almost too perfect to try.The most desirable cupcake of all is clearly the rainbow cupcake. Its whorls of striped icing and delicious, golden vanilla base is guaranteed to make you say “Is it time for dessert yet?” What better costume could there be for your little sweetie?Product DetailsYour little one will look good enough to eat as a cute, colorful cupcake! This Girl’s Rainbow Cupcake costume is made of 100 percent polyester and has piles of fluffy rainbow tulle “frosting” atop a gold foam “cake” base. Hook and loop fasteners secure both shoulders, while ensuring that the costume is easy to put on and take off. Your child can pair it with any color shirt she likes to enhance her rainbow appearance.Have Your Cake and Wear It TooWe know your little girl will love dressing up as her favorite dessert! Nothing is more magical than a sweet, colorful confection with just the right amount of fluffy, frilly frosting. Best of all, unlike a regular sugary treat, this cupcake will never get sticky so that she can wear it as often as she likes.

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