Ranch Dressing Bottle Adult Costume

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Til butik


The Single Best Dip in the WorldRanch dressing is kind of like chocolate: Nine out of ten people love it, and the tenth person is probably lying. Those are real statistics. Look them up. Ranch is like the Little Black Dress of food, because it’s amazing on anything. Pizza tastes even more delicious when dipped in ranch. It’s almost impossible to want to partake of a crudite platter if there’s no container of ranch to go with it. And don’t forget salad! There’s no point to salad without ranch. Product DetailsRule over the condiment shelf in this hilarious Ranch Dressing Bottle Costume for Adults! The unisex tunic has roomy arm holes and can be worn over your preferred lightweight outfit. It’s shaped like a classic dressing bottle with the hood serving as the bottle neck. The front has printed graphics of a bottle label complete with a background of rolling fields under a blue sky, a red banner, and the words “Classic Ranch Dressing.” The area above the face opening reads, “Homestead Farms.” Pass the Bottle Be prepared for your arrival to be greeted with cheers! Showing up with ranch is a great way to win the title of Most Valuable Partier. In this case, showing up as the ranch is a pro move unlike any other. Anyone can get a pack of soft drinks or a case of beers, but few can pull off the awesomeness that is ranch dressing. Remember to bring an actual bottle or two to really bring the house down.

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