Ravenous Raptor Child Costume

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Dino timeReady to get a glimpse of a real, live dinosaur? Alright! Let’s do this thing! You might have always thought that’d you’d need a fancy schmancy time machine if you were ever going to get the chance to take a gander at some ancient dinosaurs, but let us assure you, that’s not the case. Because you’ll have a very cool dinosaur right in your own home when you dress your boy or girl in this exclusive Ravenous Raptor Dinosaur Costume!FUN DetailsA FUN.com exclusive, this costume is Made by Us, developed and designed right in our own studios! And that means it’s not just a great looking costume, but that it’s unmatched in design, fit, and feel. We’re serious about being the best costume creators in the world, and that means we put extra love into each and every one of our Made by Us designs.This costume is crafted as a unisex costume that’s perfect for little boys and girls. Styled as a jumpsuit, it zips up the front, and it has a large attached tail in the back. The attached hood features dinosaur facial features for dramatic effect. Mitts and foot covers are included and attached to the jumpsuit, too. With the hyper-detailed fabric print and dynamic purple and violet color scheme, we take pride in saying this is one of the coolest dinosaur costumes to be found!What’s better than a dinosaur?So, you might be asking yourself at this point, what could be better than having a dinosaur at home? Well, we’d say the answer to that is easy. Two dinosaurs, or even 3 or 4! And we can take care of that, too, since we’ve got plenty of Made by Us dinosaur costume available for your family. Dress your child up along with his siblings, and maybe even pick out some styles for mom and dad to get the whole family in on the fun!

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