Red Peasant Dress Costume For Kids

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The Simple LifeNow we know that being a peasant doesn’t sound like a ton of fun. Every day you wake up in your tiny cottage and head out to the fields to work. Day in, Day out, you work from sun up to sun down, making just enough to put food on the table. But, there would be some good things about being a peasant too! First, you could live outside of a castle. As much as we love the view from our house, it is definitely not as cool as seeing a castle. It would also be really cool to be able to live off the land! It might be a tough life, but it’s a simple one, and it could be really enjoyable. Sure, you might spend a lot of your day working, but you don’t have to worry about paying for tabs for your new car or any crippling student debt! All in all, we think being a peasant wouldn’t be half bad. FUN DETAILS This costume looks like it is fresh out of a fairy tale! It starts with a white blouse with cap sleeves and elastic in the neck and hemline. Over that goes a brown vest that is laced up with gold lace on the front! Last but not least comes the yellow skirt. This skirt gives the costume a happy go lucky feel and it looks like something a peasant might wear in a cartoon version of a fairy tale.Have a Peasant DayDressing up as a peasant comes with an important lesson. Don’t forget the little guys! Just because you’re a peasant, doesn’t mean your not important, right? Now we’ve included a nice little lesson for you, our customers. Because that’s what EVERYONE wants to be reading right now, a lesson on humanity from, right?

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