Red Sus Crewmate Killer Adult Costume

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Red Room RedrumYou’re the type to plot out your tasks in a systematic way. You’ve got a list of targets and all you have to do is head over to each location, one by one, and make a quick action with precision execution; with that, the day is won. Sure, there are bound to be a few interruptions. You might even have one of those other crewmates get in your way and slow you down. But you’ll react. You’ll adjust. You’ll do whatever you have to! Woah-wait! What’s this about alien invaders and trying to find out who’s killing folks!? You just meant that you wanted to clear out your chore wheel duties as soon as possible so you can hit your bunk and play some games for the night. But, some alien creature is leaving bodies in the hallway!? What kind of mission did you sign up for???Product DetailsWhether you are the type to plot out insidious acts or just want to get in on the fun, this Red Sus Crewmate Killer costume for adults is for you. The brilliant red will certainly draw attention, as will the puffy look of the inflatable costume! Slip into this jumpsuit and zip it up. Then activate the fan and watch your costume come to life. Zippers at the sides allow you to slip out your arms when you need to, and a mesh covering at the head grants visibility and some breathing room for when your other crewmates start slinging accusations. Team up with others in the rest of our inflatable crewmate costumes or go on a lone task-achieving adventure. Either way, you’re sure to see some smiles. (Or suspicious frowns. Look, when an alien imposter is on the loose, what can a Red Crewmate do!?)

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