Riddler Men’s Costume

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Riddle Us ThisWhat has two wings, and not feathers but hair? Who flies around at night, and has a cave lair? You have two minutes to… what? Wait, you already know the answer?! Dangit. We were hoping it wouldn’t be too obvious. Ah well, we guess we’ll just need to work on our riddles a bit more. You see, we’re trying to live up to the grand tradition of one of Gotham’s most notorious villains… what? No! The Riddler! Hey, why are you laughing? The Riddler is totally a bad ass! He creates elaborate traps and machines, stupefying riddles and rhymes. No one can out-smart him. Yeah, okay, the Bats can, but we’re not talking about him! We’re talking about the Riddler! Aside from the Batman, no one can beat the Riddler. Not to mention he doesn’t have a bunch of stupid toys as weapons and he has a snazzy suit… yeah. He’s definitely one of the cool ones. Fun Details So cool, in fact, that we think you’ll be agreeing with us very soon. And when you do, we’re sure you’d make a great Riddler too. This Riddler Costume makes it easy. The green polyester suit has black question marks printed all over. The jacket is button-down, and the pants have an elastic waist. The shirt has button front and cuffs, and the purple tie is a legitimate tie. The purple pull-on gloves are a lightweight knit, and the green hat is stiff with a design printed on the front. In an outfit like this, you’ll be an enigma for sure (or E. Nigma, rather). And Your Answer is…So there you have it, you can join our ranks of Riddler enthusiasts as we try to overwhelm the masses of Gotham with our intellect. Or? Oh, we suppose you do have an option. Join the Riddler Ranks, or take your chances with the trap behind you. But we don’t recommend that. That trap is meant for a very special bat, but the choice is yours.

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