Ride a Unicorn Costume for Girls

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The Dream of All Dreams If your little girl is begging you for a unicorn, you could brush it off as “just a phase,” but let’s just look at the tangible facts: you thought fish tanks were a phase, and now you have a huge tropical aquarium. You thought kittens were a phase, and then she fostered (and kept!) three little calicoes. Dogs were the same way. You thought horses were a phase, and now you have not one, but two thoroughbreds at a stable in town. And she’s still crazy about (and magically, caring for) ALL of her beloved pets. So, what makes you think unicorns are just a phase? Lucky for you, there aren’t any unicorns for sale, that we know of (and don’t trust any online postings that say otherwise!). So, whether her current unicorn obsession is a phase or a lifelong love, this Ride a Unicorn Kids Costume will help her experience her dream this Halloween and beyond! This is an easy-to-wear costume that can fit over her normal clothes, which is ideal because all of her daily pet duties mean she’s already got her hands full. Product Details She will have a blast in this costume, from unwrapping it, to naming it (probably a tough decision), to sitting “atop” her unicorn for the very first time. She’ll step inside this soft-sculpted costume, securing the harness onto her body. Silver shiny wings, pretty pink accents, and a silver horn all help her feel the majesty of her newest pet, and she can prance around trick-or-treating as though galloping on a rainbow. Animal HouseLook, we’re not saying you have too many pets but…yep actually, that’s what we’re saying. On the upside, this costume’s so cute she’ll want for nothing while she rides along in it, and there’s really nowhere to go from pet unicorn, so we think you’re in the clear.

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