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We All Love NostalgiaHow can anyone forget the great 90s comedy/drama vehicle, The Ringmaster? Jerry Springer basically plays himself, hosting a thinly veiled version of his show, and Jaime Presley comes on as a guest involving some activities we don’t need to get into here. It’s interesting that you’re going to a Ringmaster themed party, but hey, everybody’s got their niches! Oh. It’s a circus ringmaster theme. That makes much more sense. Ok. Well, in that case, we have a much more appropriate costume for you. This Plus Size Ringmaster Costume is exactly what you’re looking for!In this great outfit, you’ll be much more suited to wrangling lions and taming wild elephants than stoking drama out of people on a Jerry Springer-esque talk show. We don’t know which sounds more challenging, to be honest, but we do know that this costume will be a huge hit at any circus-themed party!Fun DetailsThe best part about this look: the stand-out bright red twill tailcoat jacket with black velvet cuffs, and gold braid trim. It’s pretty fantastic. But this outfit also comes with a vest that has a gold brocade front and ribbon waist ties. Also included is a red satin bow tie, a black velvet-covered top hat with a golden band, and black boot toppers. And bam! You’re ready to start warming up the crowd.The Greatest ShowPut this showstopping outfit all together and you’ll look like you were born to tame fierce jungle cats and entertain a live audience at the same time. And maybe you were! It’s certainly not an easy thing to pull off. If only there were some good movies or visual guides to give you a few good ideas as to how to do it. Hmm. We’ll have to think about it. Movies about a ringmaster…Surely, one will come to mind soon.

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