Rob Zombie Halloween Michael Myers Plus Size Costume for Men

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Moody MadnessWe’ve all had our bad days, right? We’re all human so it’s understandable when others in our lives are venting out a little of their monstrous side every once in a while. Sometimes our roommate or significant other stomps into the room ranting about how the toilet paper was put on the roll upside down and we just have to shrug. Cause if we’re being honest that kind of lets us off the hook for last week when we were pouting about running out of Ramen. The thing is, Michael Myers takes those bad moods to a whole new level. And while we know what he’s like when it’s Halloween but we wonder what his bad days are like after October is over. Does he try to make up for his violent rampages by volunteering with his local Humane Society? Or does he simply put up his feet, watch horror movies, and come up with ideas for next time?Product DetailsSee the world through Michael Myer’s eyes when you put on this licensed Halloween costume. The jumpsuit has usable pockets on the chest and hips. The mask has deep scarring with a pale face just like we see in the movies. The wild hair is made of one hundred percent Alpaca to make him look like he’s been through the wringer. The Ultimate HalloweenIf there’s any classic costume that’s the epitome of Halloween, it’s good ol’ Michael Myers. After all, he’s the star of the actual Halloween license! So just go ahead and get into character. Go ahead and scare those Halloween revelers. Get people into the terrifying spirit. Just be sure you get your butcher knife out of our prop catalog, you don’t want to end up at Smith’s Grove!

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