Ruby Vampiress Costume for Toddlers

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Forever YoungIt’s pretty rough being a vampire, no matter who you were before the transformation. For most, it is a life of avoiding the public eye, while scavenging blood from wherever they can get it. For others, they are doomed to being relentlessly hunted by goody-two-shoes vampire hunters who think that just because you are a soulless, bloodthirsty menace, you don’t have a place in society.But being a vampire is extra hard when you look like a cute 5-year-old girl. You get none of the fear and respect that your peers enjoy, not to mention the fact that, despite being immortal, you still have a bedtime and your guardians still make you eat all your veggies. It’s just not fair! It’s almost enough to make you want to throw a tantrum and show them that you WILL NOT be going to bed at bedtime tonight… Almost.Monstrously FashionableAt least the world of fashion is finally starting to catch up to the needs of the toddler vampires. This Toddler Ruby Vampiress Costume will show all the other kids at daycare that you mean business and that the blocks should all be yours for the day. Its perfectly-poofed shoulders, lacy neck and cuffs, and stylish bodice will be the talk of the ball pit!Terror of the NightIf you want your toddler to be dressed impress the other vampire families, this is the perfect costume for you. It has all the right details to make your child feel like a princess, while looking like she’s getting ready to bleed the neighborhood dry of all the candy!

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